About the Page

Welcome to A Sprinkle of Science!

Here at A Sprinkle of Science, I aim to provide teachers inside and outside the classroom with a wide variety of resources to enrich students’ experience learning science. My goal is to build an extensive library of lesson plans, activity guides, learning strategies, and any kind of materials to help teachers in their quest to provide the best learning experience possible. The philosophy of this website is to provide hands-on, inquiry based resources that teachers can use to engage their students in the science classroom. My goal is to continuously update the library with resources that I believe will be helpful to science teachers.

About the author

This website is run and curated by Adisson Grant. I have four years of experience teaching and creating science curriculum, as well as a masters degree in science education. I have worked all across the state of Oklahoma to provide meaningful science learning experiences to students outside of the classroom. I have worked in a wide variety of informal science learning environments, including the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, the College for Kids summer program in Oklahoma City, the UC Action tutoring program at the University of Oklahoma, and at informal STEM camps across Oklahoma.