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Home Grown Crystal Experiment

Learn how to grow your own crystals at home with this fun hands-on experiment! There are many different kinds of crystals you can grow, and here I will show you how to grow blue copper sulfate crystals.

The recipe for this experiment comes from Graham’s How-to Guides. If you want to check out how to grow other kinds of crystals, check out this page here.

Grades: 3-5, 6-8

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Interactive Plate Tectonics

Explore the dynamics of plate tectonics with this engaging interactive map and give your students the opportunity to work with data and mapping. This digital map created by Earth Science Geoinquiries provides a great resource that visualizes plate boundaries around the world and the geological impact of those boundaries.

Grades: 4-8, 9-12

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The Reasons For the Seasons

Need a fun way to incorporate some physical activity in your weather & earth systems lessons? The Reasons of the Seasons created by M. J. Krech gives your students an engaging and active way to learn about the earth’s seasons.

Students will physically demonstrate the tilt and orbit of the earth in order to understand the conditions that create our seasons on earth.

Grades: 6-8

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Cookie Mining

Demonstrate the process of mining coal with this fun and edible game for your students!  This fun activity can connect concepts of natural resource management, earth sciences, and environmental science and explore the ways that humans extract natural resources.

In this activity, students will use different brands of cookies to simulate the processes of managing natural resources and “extract” chocolate chips for profit.

Grades: 6-8

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