Tag: Pollution

Greenhouse Gas Simulation

The impact that greenhouse gases have on the earth cannot be understated. Giving your students a hands-on experiment can be a great way to help them understand the impact that pollution has on global temperatures. Share a fun and engaging experiment that will demonstrate the concept of greenhouse gases and the effect they have on earth’s temperatures.

This activity comes from The American Association of Chemistry Teachers.

Grades: 6-8, 9-12

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Air Quality Index

Pollution is becoming more and more of a problem for people all around the world, and understanding the ways that scientists study pollution is more important than ever. This activity will teach students how scientists measure and assess the quality of air in a city and share that information with the general public. This activity is based on a great guide by The University of Northern Iowa (check out the link for a great worksheet to hand out).

Grades: 6-8

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